Air Force Terminology

Although we searched for terms used by the US Air Force, we could only locate terms used by the the R.A.F.. We have included them here but are certain that the USAF has others.
Balbo, A  A large formation of aircraft.
Bale out To take to one's parachute.
Bind, A People who obstruct one
Black, A Something badly done, a "bad show".
Blitz, A solid lump of Large formation of enemy aircraft.
Blonde job, A Young woman with fair hair.
Bogus Sham, spurious.
Bomphleteers  Airmen engaged on the early pamphlet raids.
Brassed off Diminutive of "browned off".
Brolly Parachute.
Browned off, To be "Fed up"
Bumps and Circuits  Circuits and landings.
Bus driver A bomber pilot.
Buttoned up A job properly completed, "mastered".
Completely Cheesed No hope at all.
Cope To accomplish, to deal with.
Crabbing along Flying near the ground or water.
Deck, Crack down on To "pancake" an aircraft
Dog fight Aerial scrap.
Drill, The right Correct method of doing anything.
Drink, In the To come down into the sea.
Dud Applied to weather when unfit to fly.
Duff gen Dud information.
Dust bin Rear gunner's lower position in aircraft.
Erk, An A beginner in any job.
Fan The propeller.
Flak Anti-aircraft fire
Flap A disturbance, general excitement.
Fox, To To do something clever or rather cunning.
Gen. (pron. jen) General information of any kind whatever
George The automatic pilot
Get Cracking Get going.
Gong, To collect a To get a medal.
Greenhouse Cockpit cover
Hedge-hopping Flying so low that the aircraft appears to hop over the hedges.
Hurryback A Hurricane fighter.
Jink away Sharp manoeuvre. Sudden evasive action of aircraft.
Kipper Kite Coastal Command Aircraft which convoy fishing fleets in the North and Irish Seas.
Kite An aeroplane.
Laid on, To have To produce anything, such as supplies.
Mae West Life-saving stole, or waistcoat, inflated if wearer falls into sea.
Mickey Mouse Bomb-dropping mechanism
Muscle in To take advantage of a good thing
Office Cockpit of aircraft.
Organize To "win" a wanted article.
Pack up Cease to function
Peel off, To Break formation to engage enemy
Play pussy Hide in the clouds.
Pleep A squeak, rather like a high note klaxon.
Plug away Continue to fire. Keep after target
Pukka gen. Accurate information.
Pulpit  Cockpit of aircraft
Quick squirt Short sharp burst of machine-gun fire.
Quickie Short for above
Rang the bell Got good results
Rings Rank designation on officer's cuffs.
Ropey Uncomplimentary adjective. "A ropey landing", "A ropey type", "A ropey evening", etc.
Screamed downhill Executed a power dive
Shooting a line Exaggerated talk, generally about one's own prowess.
Shot Down in Flames Crossed in love. Severe reprimand.
Snake about Operational aerobatics
Spun in A bad mistake. Analogy from an aircraft spinning out of control into the ground.
Stationmaster Commanding Officer of Station.
Stooge Deputy, i.e. second pilot or any assistant.
Stooging about Delayed landing for various reasons. Flying slowly over an area. Patrolling.
Synthetic Not the real thing. Also applied to ground training.
Tail End Charlie Rear gunner in large bombing aircraft or rear aircraft of a formation.
Tear off a strip To reprimand, take down a peg.
Tee up To prepare a job, to get ready.
Touch bottom Crash
Toys A great deal of training equipment is termed toys.
Train, Driving the Leading more than one squadron into battle.
Type Classification - usually referring to people. Good, Bad, Ropey, Poor type.
View R.A.F. personnel always take a "view" of things. Good view, Poor view, Dim view, Long distance view, Lean view, Outside view, "Ropey" view.
Wizard Really first class, superlative, attractive, ingenious.