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Posters from Days Gone By...

Posters, whether published by an individual or the government of a nation have always been an effective form of communication. Many times you don't even realize that you are being bombarded with information from this source of "advertising".

During the wars of the 20th century, governments used this advertising form for everything from urging safety to asking for money. The amount of propaganda sent out to the peoples of ALL nations was large. The amount directed at the American people was at times overwhelming.

With the vast wealth of these posters no longer available (without huge sums of money from collectors) we discovered a cache of pictures depicting them in
an online library. As with anything, creating the information doesn't mean that it is readily available, especially on the internet.

To that end, we are making them available here at Enjoy.

BJ 'n Cindy

Materials published by the U.S. Government Printing Office are in the public domain and, as such, not subject to copyright restriction.

The information about and the pictures of the World War 2 posters on this site were acquired from:
World War II Poster Collection located at the Northwestern University Library