Something of interest for the holidays

They have a mobile Christmas app which they believe would benefit spouses of military personal either deployed or away from their family during the Christmas holiday. The app will create a Christmas video of Santa and his reindeer coming to the family's home.

The video will begin with a jolly Santa Claus flying across the sky with his reindeer, then landing on the roof of the user's home. Once inside, Santa will be shown placing gifts under the tree and writing the letter to the children before walking over to the plate of cookies and taking a bite. After a final farewell, Santa disappears back into his sleigh and heads into the night.

The entire video has a sense of authentication, and serves as a magical gift for children on Christmas morning. The finished video can be sent or emailed to their family members who are deployed or away for the holiday. The family will have a keepsake to view on Christmas Day and cherish while away. Visit their website , view their trailer video and decide for yourself.