Navy Orchestra Spreads Holiday Cheer Through Music

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"It's a great opportunity for Sailors and their families and to get together during the holiday times and experience something unique like this concert that not many people get to see or hear," said Brandon Workman, Naval Base Coronado special events coordinator.

Navy Band Southwest averages about 600 performances each year and performs music throughout the San Diego area at various events each day during the holidays. The band members expressed how privileged they feel to be able to play for their audience during these festive times.

"I hope that those here away from family can listen to our music and remind them of home," said Musician 3rd Class Michael Greco, trombone player with Navy Band Southwest.

After the band's performance, Santa came into the theater to take pictures with children. Following Santa's visit, the theater exhibited a series of holiday movies. With holiday spirit surrounding the room, the audience and band members remembered those who are currently serving our country and protecting our freedoms.

"I am personally very grateful and I always have those who are out in the trenches and out in the water on my mind during the holidays," said Greco. "The band and I are very thankful for our shipmates who are out there fighting and we hope they all have a wonderful holiday."