Please don't forget, they're not all home

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Harris, an Air Force Missing Persons Liaison assigned to the Air Force Personnel Center, and six other DoD representatives participated in the day's events, which included a closing bell ceremony on the exchange floor and participating in a N.Y. Yankees home plate tribute to service members past and present.

"When we walked onto the exchange floor, everybody quit working and turned toward us. They clapped and didn't stop until we were all on the podium," Harris Said. "It was amazing."

Representing the Air Force at the annual ceremony was an honor, the 28-year-old Wisconsin native said. But, she explained, the point of the trip and all the events was to remind people that 83,000 Americans are still unaccounted for from World War II to today.

"It wasn't about me, or any of us. It was about our missing service members and their families," said Harris, one of 600 Department of Defense military members and civilians committed to the POW/MIA Personnel Accountability mission.

As a wife and mother, Harris feels strong empathy for the families of America's missing service members, as well. Working with family members is one of the more gratifying aspects of her job.

"We represent our missing servicemen and their families. Honoring them and their sacrifices was the whole point of the New York visit, for me," she said. "I don't want people to forget that not everybody came home, and those service members still unaccounted for are not forgotten."

For more information about the DoD mission to account for missing Americans, visit the Defense POW/Missing Person Office website at [ ].