AF Central Ticket Program offers discounts to Airmen, families

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"We work with representatives from numerous attractions that Air Force personnel want to visit to obtain the best discounts possible," said Ms. Hillard. "ITT offices also provide local and national destination and entertainment tickets for sale at discounted prices worldwide."

The AFCTP formed agreements with nationally-recognized attractions like Disney, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, Six Flags and others.

Ricky Sesco, the Air Force Services Agency's Central Ticket Program manager, said his office works closely with all Air Force ITT offices to ensure ticket availability to the most popular attractions and shows that appeal to all segments of the Air Force family.

"We issued 391,578 tickets in 2010 and saved customers more than $6 million on ticket products through ITT offices nationwide," said Mr. Sesco.

The AFCTP is managed by the Air Force Services Agency's community and leisure branch.

For more information on vacation destinations and other recreational activities, visit your local ITT office or go online to