Emergency Family Assistance

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The memorandum responds to final recommendations of the Fort Hood Follow-On Review outlined in an August 2010 memo from the Secretary of Defense.  The policy for emergency family assistance was developed in collaboration with the DoD Components, drawing on their existing practices and lessons learned.

Emergency Family Assistance Plan Elements

The memorandum requires DoD installations to ensure provision of the following emergency family assistanceservices: • medical triage and information on available medical services
• coordination with casualty and mortuary affairs • religious and pastoral care • psychosocial services
• housing or temporary lodging services• transportation • translation services
• child and youth services
• legal services
• assistance with insurance, entitlements, and benefits • information and referral services  • shelter management
• personnel locator assistance

Implementation Plan

• Through the memorandum, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness/Military Community and Family Policy  provides guidelines to the DoD Components for emergency family assistance.

• Through DoD Instruction 6055.17, "DoD Installation Emergency Management Program," the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics provides guidelines to the DoD Components on overall installation emergency management programs and plans.

• The DoD Components are required to issue implementing guidance, ensuring their installations have a written plan for emergency family assistance integrated into their overarching installation emergency management programs and plans.

For the full text of the policy, visit:

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