Benefit Program and Vanpool Opportunities

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In order to educate military members and DOD civilians on the benefit program and vanpool opportunities in their area, VPSI developed the website .  The website lists the vanpools at all military installations where a program is in place, and gives guidance to the DOD member on starting their own vanpool.  On the useful links page ( Link ) , we've compiled all of the appropriate policy documents, applications, and DOD web sites that a person needs to learn about the program.

I am hoping to discuss having the web site listed as a resource on your page.  You would be doing a great service to the people who visit your page as this benefit is unknown to most military members. 

A direct benefit to many army wives is that vanpooling can free up the car in single vehicle households, or even save the spouse the effort of having to drop off and pick up the soldier each day from work.