Operations Best Wishes Update

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Nov 3: Barksdale AFB Federal Credit Union
       2321 Airline Drive, Bossier City, LA

Nov 5: Pen Air Federal Credit Union
       1495 East Nine Mile Rd, Pensacola, FL

Nov 6: GeoVista Credit Union (Education Center)
       100 Knowledge Dr Rm 250, Fort Stewart, GA


In November and December they are filming messages from loved ones to their military family members anywhere in the nation and those who are deployed. This is a cooperative gift from credit unions to the military and their family members.

Operation Best Wishes is helping military members, families and friends bridge the distance that separates them from their loved ones during the holiday season, starting the week of Halloween and lasting until News Year Day they are going to various military bases on a national tour. They set up a mobile webcast studio at credit unions. Military family members and friends are invited to the studio where they can record and webcast video greeting, up to 10 minutes in length, to their special loved one bridging the miles.

Military deployed abroad or anywhere in the US can view the message as it is webcast and respond back to the studio through instant text messaging. If they miss the LIVE webcast, they can easily access the archived greeting on the Operation Best Wishes website again and again, at more convenient time or when they can access the Internet.

Operation Best Wishes is a FREE service. Simply use this website to reserve a recording session at any one of the participating credit unions nearest you. For more information visit