Troop Support Group Launches New Web site

By Sharon Foster
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 12, 2008 - A troop-support group that provides education on the brain's and body's natural responses to stress launched its redesigned Web site yesterday.

"Our Web site is completely redesigned to power our mission of providing the best education, training and resources for supporting strength and resilience in all areas of military life," said Elizabeth Hawkins, executive director of "One Freedom."

"The new One Freedom Web site is a portal for our nation's warriors and for everyone who cares about them to connect with a wealth of knowledge and new possibilities for strength and healing," she said.

The Web site contains a listing of One Freedom programs for military servicemembers, veterans, families and care providers, with easy online registration.

A growing list of resources -- information, organizations and individuals -- is dedicated to supporting military communities using articles, newsletters, videos, links and listings covering a variety of information.

Visitors also can sign up for a quarterly newsletter and donate to support One Freedom's programs.

One Freedom will continue to offer workshops and training focused on how to self-regulate intense life experiences, trauma and everyday stressors.

One of its most popular workshops ? the "Strength after Service" series ? is a two-hour program that teaches veterans and family members about the brain and body and how they are changed under prolonged stress. A range of skills is taught, including simple, easy-to-use exercises aimed at improving well-being, inner strength and personal communication.

"This introductory workshop frames military stress in a normalizing framework that takes the emphasis off 'mental-behavioral' and puts it on our natural response to stress, especially under chronic and acute conditions," Hawkins said.

The "Strength after Service" series includes sub-topics that provide veterans and family members education on the cornerstones of health such as sleep, nutrition, exercise and structure. One Freedom also offers day-long training on communication for couples and families, addiction training and assistance with understanding the various therapeutic modalities available today.

Marine Corps veteran and One Freedom trainer Dan Taslitz said the workshops "are a powerful path to strength and healing for our military servicemembers, veterans and families."

"It goes way beyond a yellow ribbon in supporting our nation's warriors by providing the knowledge and skills to integrate their experiences and create bridges of strength back to their families and communities," he said.

The next "Strength after Service" series will be held Nov. 14 in Colorado Springs, Colo.

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