Western Governors University Extends Troops to Teachers Scholarships

(Salt Lake City-April 19, 2007)  Western Governors University ( is extending its offering of supplemental $1,500 scholarships to students participating in the Troops to Teachers program through June 2008 ( The WGU scholarships are in addition to the regular Troops to Teachers program stipends. Bachelor's and master's degree programs are offered by WGU's Teachers College.

Scholarship recipients can apply $300 of the scholarship money per six-month term at WGU, renewable up to five terms. These scholarships will help current or former military personnel to begin new careers, utilize their knowledge and experience in the classroom, and have a positive impact on our nation's young people.

Getting a degree at WGU is convenient and accessible since WGU is a fully-accredited, private, non-profit online university, which is competency-based. WGU students earn their degrees by demonstrating their competency and skills in various disciplines by taking a series of carefully designed assessments. Assessments determine a student's success rate at WGU, not fixed course schedules.  WGU is also extending the Spouses to Teachers scholarships to all military spouses beyond the Spouses to Teachers pilot states. ( The university is also a member of Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC), members of which are dedicated to helping service personnel and their families get college degrees. Military students can earn their degrees in their off-duty hours at or near military installations in the United States, overseas, and on Navy ships.   

Regional Director Joe Morgan, of Mountain West Troops to Teachers, says, "Troops to Teachers is ecstatic that WGU will continue to support our Troops to Teachers and Spouses to Teachers participants with these very generous scholarships. They will continue to be a valuable incentive to encourage our participants to become role models within our nation's public schools." Troops to Teachers is managed through the Department of Education and Department of Defense by the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES).

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