Terminology (basic)

ADRIFT Loose from towline or moorings; scattered about; not in proper stowage
AFT Referring to or toward the stern (rear) of a vessel
ALL HANDS All members of a command
ASHORE Any place outside of a naval or Marine Corps reservation
AS YOU WERE Resume former activity
AWEIGH Said of the anchor. As soon as the anchor has broken away from and is no longer fastened to the bottom
AYE, AYE, SIR Required official acknowledgment of an order meaning I have received, understand, and will carry out the order or instructions
BELAY To make fast or to secure, as in "belay the line," to cancel or to disregard a statement just made
BELOW Downstairs; lower deck
BREAKOUT Take out of stock or storage; to prepare for use
BRIG A place of confinement; a prison
BROWN BAGGER A married man
BOW The front portion of a ship
BRIDGE The portion of a ship's structure from which it is controlled when underway
BROW A portable walkway from the pier or jetty to the ship's quarterdeck
BUTTKIT An ashtray
C. P. Command Post in the field
CARRY ON The order to resume previous activity
CHIT A receipt or authorization; a piece of paper
FANTAIL The main deck of a ship at the stern
FIELD DAY Barracks cleanup
FIELD SCARF Regulation Marine Corps uniform neck tie
FORECASTLE The upperdeck at the bow on which the ground tackle is located
GALLEY Shipboard kitchen; kitchen of a mess hall; mobile field mess
GANGWAY An opening in the rail giving access to the ship. A command announcement to stand aside to let someone through
GATOR An amphibious ship; one who serves in the amphibious Navy
GEEDUNK The place (aboard ship) where candy, ice cream, soda, and smokes can be purchased
HATCH Door or doorway
HEAD Latrine or toilet
LIBERTY Absence of enlisted from the ship or command for less than 96 hours for purposes of rest and recreation which is not charged as leave
PETTY OFFICER A Navy NCO, E-4 through E-9
POGIE BAIT A piece of candy, cookies, etc.
POLICE To straighten or to tidy up
QUARTERDECK The ceremonial location on board ship when the ship is moored or at anchor (It is located close to the brow or accommodation ladder and is the watch station for the Officer of the Deck).
RATE A sailor's occupational specialty
SCUTTLEBUTT Gossip or unfounded rumor; also a drinking fountain
SEABAG The bag used to stow personal gear
SECURE Stop; finish; end; make fast; put away in storage
SICK BAY Hospital or dispensary
SKIPPER Commanding Officer
SKYLARK Goof-off; to loiter
SMOKING LAMP When smoking lamp is lit, smoking is authorized.
SQUARE AWAY To straighten, make ship-shape, or to get settled. To inform or admonish someone in an abrupt manner.
STERN The blunt end (rear) of a ship
SWAB A mop
TOPSIDE Upstairs; upper deck
TURN TO Begin work; get started
WARDROOM On board ship, the officer's living room and dining area; also used to signify all of the officers serving on the ship