After the Move

After the Move


Evaluation of Move

At some time during delivery of your personal property, an inspector representing the destination transportation office may drop by to check on your delivery. If you have any questions or problems, inform the inspector or contact the transportation office.

Words of Caution

Regardless of how well a carrier may pack your personal property, there is a chance something may be lost or damaged. If this happens, you have the right to file a claim against the carrier and/or the U.S. government.

If you discover loss and/or damage after delivery, you are required to list it on the DD Form 1840, "Joint Statement of Loss or Damage at Delivery." This form also serves as a notice to the carrier of loss or damage and a receipt of delivery. If you do not list missing inventory line items or obvious damage on this form at delivery, you may forfeit your chance of getting paid for this loss/damage.

If you discover additional damage or loss after delivery, you must list it on the DD Form 1840R, "Notice of Loss or Damage" (the reverse side of DD Form 1840). The completed DD Form 1840R must be delivered to your local claims office no later than 70 days from date of delivery. Failure to deliver the completed form within 70 days or to list all items will result in a lesser amount payable on your claim. In many instances this will result in the loss of your entire claim! Annotation of loss or damage on the carrier's inventory or any other forms is not acceptable for processing a claim. The only documents for recording shipment damage or loss are DD Forms 1840 and 1840R.

Remember: The carrier has the right to inspect and offer to repair damaged articles. Do not throw anything away unless instructed to do so. It is important you not sign any delivery document (the inventory, DD Form 619 or DD Form 1840) until the carrier's representative has completed all required services. However, do not refuse to sign these documents before the carrier's representative leaves if you have noted loss or damage on the DD Form 1840. If at any time during delivery and unpacking you think you are not receiving the quality of move the government is paying for, call the destination transportation office. If it seems necessary to call, do so before signing any documents and before the carrier's representative leaves.

Filing Your Claim

If you sustain loss or damage to your personal property, promptly contact the claims office for assistance. You must allow inspection of the property by both the government and the carrier at ether's request. Do not dispose of any damaged items until the damage has been inspected by all authorized parties or you have been instructed to do so by the claims office. You may dispose of mildewed or smoke-damaged items as soon as the claims inspection is completed. For other damages, you may be required to keep the articles until your claim is settled, at which time some items may have to be disposed of through salvage channels. Your claims office can advise you.

Your claim against the government must be received by a claims office within two years of the date of delivery. Filing your DD Form 1840/184OR is not the same as filing a claim. Army personnel with multiple deliveries on the same shipment must get their claims in within two years of first delivery.

To assure prompt settlement, file claims as soon as possible. Keep in mind that you cannot legally receive double payment for the same damage. Should this happen, you are responsible for returning any overpayment to the government.

Inconvenience Claims

There are times when a carrier fails to pick up or deliver your personal property as scheduled. This may cause some financial hardship for you and your family. You may file an inconvenience claim against the carrier for failure to meet scheduled pickup or delivery dates. This may provide some relief for you. The claim will be for out-of-pocket expenses caused by the carrier's failure to act on the agreed date. You may not file an inconvenience claim against the carrier for shipments moving under the Direct Procurement Method. To determine whether your shipment moved via this method, check with your transportation office. The carrier is not obligated to honor an inconvenience claim.

The transportation office at your new duty station can assist you, but you are responsible for filing the inconvenience claim directly with the home office of the carrier. You should understand:

  • The inconvenience claim can be only for normal living expenses above what would have been spent had the household goods been picked up or delivered as scheduled.
  • The purchase of household items must be reasonable and relieve a definite hardship.
  • Hotels/motels you select should offer moderate rates.
  • Receipts must be submitted for all expenses you claim. If you cannot obtain a receipt, you must submit a sworn statement certifying the claim is accurate and correct.
  • Carriers are quick to deny inconvenience claims that appear to be excessive and/or unreasonable.
If your claims are justified but denied by the carrier, contact the destination transportation office for assistance. The transportation office representative will assist you with your appeal to the carrier's home office. If the appeal does not resolve the claim, your transportation office may forward the file to the major command for review, verification and assistance. The major command then forwards the inconvenience claim to Headquarters, Military Traffic Management Command, which will go to the carrier's home office again. If efforts to obtain your reimbursement from the carrier through this channel fail, you have the right to take the carrier to court. (Any expenses related to taking a carrier to court are your responsibility.)

Private Property Damages

If your property (rented or privately owned) is damaged during pickup or delivery, contact the carrier's office immediately. You should also contact the legal office for assistance. These types of claims are between you and the carrier or agent involved.

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