Ideas - Summer

Ideas - Summer

Make sure your summer if packed full of fun and excited activities for your family and for yourself! So make this a summer to remember and fill in your loved one of all your fun!

A few ideas:

1. Take LOTS of pictures of the kids at swim lessons, barbecue's, school functions, church functions and create scrapbook pages! Mail a Binder and the first page to your loved one. Then follow with additional pages every 2 weeks or when you have pages filled. Not only will this keep a constant mail flow but it will keep him/her up to date on your activities! Don't' forget to let the kids design a few pages themselves!!!

2. Carry a disposable camera everywhere you go. Keep one in your car, one in your purse, one in the kids' back packs. They are about $10 each unless you find them on sale. Put together a collage of things that remind you of Dad or Mom. Have the kids take pictures of things they see that make them think about dad/mom as well as your pictures. Put them together to create a photo essay.

3. Mission: Camp Home! Create a mini camp for your kids at home. Put together a theme and make different arts and crafts, paint a T-shirt, design a door hanging for their room, take pictures, make cards, make folders, picture frames. Photograph your "camp" and send them to mom/dad. Summers are a great time to get the kids busy, as well as yourself, and involved in activities that make deployment fly by. Be sure to include dad/mom in all your activities!

4. Pick Nick Basket

How about sending your loved one a pic nick care package? Find a small basket or box, line it with a linen napkin and include such pic nick items as: Juice Boxes, meats (salami, canned ham, etc) crackers, cheese (pre-packaged, such as you would find at Hickory Farms), chips, fruit roll ups, nuts, cookies, candies, brownies, pickles, olives, etc. You can also throw in some plastic ants for fun! You won't be able to send him/her every pic nick item you have, but it will be fun for them to enjoy their basket while they watch the video of you and the kids.

5. Seed Packets

Have the kids draw pictures of themselves outside. Then glue small flower seeds to the bottom of their drawings and attach a note saying, "My love for you grows like wildflowers". And also, attach a package of wildflower seeds. You can pick up a package of seeds for under $1 at your local market.

Helpful hints for Summer Care Package Mailing:

For those of you who have loved ones deployed to the hotter areas of the world, as much as they like chocolate, do not mail it! During this weather chocolate and caramel end up arriving in one goopy mess. Brownies are USUALLY safe to mail, as long as you pack them efficiently. However, with brownies being so moist, if they are being shipped to a tropical region, there is always the possibility of them mildewing.

This is a good time to send such items as: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried meats, crackers, chips, fruit roll ups, etc.

POWDERED DRINK MIX!!! This can be a life saver. Next time you see PRE-SWEETENED powdered drink mix on sale, pick some up and include it in your next care package. They can easily be added to a canteen of water for a nice refreshing treat.